First IRC meeting

Today we had a short meeting on IRC in anticipation of GSOC starting in less than a month. You can check out the transcript here although I’d advice it’s pretty inane. Lot’s to get stuck into and learn how to use, re familiarize myself with Pandora server as I haven’t used it for a couple of weeks, will probably set up my environment on my desktop as well so that I can stay in my room with my nice new fan keeping me cool. Also on the to-do list is acquaint myself with Articas on-line work logging site which will introduce a whole new way of working for me. This will be centred on extensive planning, discussion and documentation before even actually typing any code. Things are going to start getting exciting very fast especially with the GSOC welcome package arriving soon which will bring the funds for me to buy a Galaxy Nexus and thus help make my project ICS compatible!

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