Today I’ve got a neat little service to share that I’ve found useful on those very rare ocassions where I’ve needed to manipulate pdfs that I didn’t create myself.


It’s called FoxyUtils and it’s a cloud service that allows you to merge or split pdfs that the user uploads, you can also unlock and encrypt pdfs but I’ve only used the splitting and merging functions.

Now being a cloud service I should add the same disclaimer as any other service where you have to upload your own data, even though none of the uploaded pdfs are made public they’re still becoming a lot less safer than if you’d kept them on your hard drive so be wary if you use it with any sensitive material.

But if that’s not a problem in your case then I highly recommend FoxyUtils, it’s a perfect example of the sort of thing where you would have had to find and download a program to perform a 30 second job.

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