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Here you can find some of my recent projects.

sub count

sub count is an iOS app for viewing your YouTube subscriber count. You can view the count in the app, with the optional widget in Notification Center or even on your wrist with the Watch app. Read more about my first iOS publishing experience here.
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OCW-Android-2014 is a complete rewrite from scratch of the Android App I worked on for Google Summer of Code 2013. the goal was to provide a stable base that follows the most recent Android guidelines in order to provide a project on which to build upon as requests come from the OpenConferenceWare community.

ocw-android screen capture

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Wise Monkey

Wise Monkey is a fun Android app I worked on with a group of friends in order to gain experience in rapidly implementing an idea and publishing it.

wisemonkey app screen capture

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OCW-Android is an open source app to allow administrators of conferences to provide attendees with a way to view on their mobile devices the schedule, information on speakers and to also receive notifications of changes in location and times of talks. I worked on this is as part of Google Summer of Code 2013 with the Oregon State University Open Source Lab.

ocw-android screen capture

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Pandroid is a Android agent for PandoraFMS that allows monitoring many aspects of a Android device. I worked on it for Google Summer of Code 2012.

pandroid app icon

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