Just an average internet criminal

It won’t be long until I’ll seriously consider disconnecting from the internet and never coming back for fear of imprisonment.

  • Nearly all the isps that have instated 3 strikes and you’re out policies are under investigation after all the people who received such warnings had never file shared in their life, don’t leave your wifis open people.
  • A Canadian was fined 60.000$ for sharing 2 adult films online….2.
  • The British admin of tv shack, a link sharing site not actually hosting any infringing content and probably not even one of the uploaders, is going to be extradited to the U.S. to be charged there….extradited, I remember when that word only came up with terrorists or mastermind thieves not 23 year old students running a site that doesn’t host any infringing material.
  • Someone was fined 80.000$ when he downloaded an adult movie disguised as out of copyright classical music, something that has happened to all of us I’m sure, begs to ask who posted the disguised file in the first place.
  • In the U.S. they’re hoping to pass a law that will make it a felon to embed copyrighted content, see a video you like on youtube and you embed it on your blog which then turns out to be infringing copyright and that will be a felon, do some graffiti, go skateboarding and run a blog and you’re looking at life.

Now the scary thing is these stories are from this week alone.

And the worst part is all the lawyers and companies carrying out these acts are all linked in some way to having commited piracy themselves or to be operating outside the law.

If you ever receive a letter demanding money because you allegedly infringed copyright, it was probably sent by a firm like Davenport Lyons who were just found guilty of professional misconduct so the tides may be changing on that front but when the notorious acs law firm shuts it’s doors after being threatened with a possible 600.000 pound fine if found guilty just to have it lowered to 800 pounds seeing as the owner now doesn’t have the means for a larger fine, the same owner who goes home to his 700.000 pound house and 2 luxury cars.

It looks like a scary future for internet users as long as it continues to be unknown what is ok and what will land us in jail.


Thanks to mimiandeunice for the great comic and their ♡copyheart stance meaning I didn’t even have to ask permission, sharing is caring.

© 2021 Mark Holland