Root of the problem

I recently rooted my htc desire. I originally hadn’t felt the need to do so, it came with froyo and even had a wireless tethering app preloaded, something that would have needed root permissions to install myself.

htc desire

I’m not even sure why I wanted to root it in the first place, it wasn’t to allow piracy seeing as on android you can easily pirate from the get go without needing to hack your device, not that there’s anything worth pirating anyways.

But now that I’m root I loaded a custom rom and the difference is spectacular, a horde of tweaks to make everything act how you want is great and the optimization that has been done is amazing and of course the removal of manufacturer bloatware is a god send.

Now to get to the point of this post.

People generally complain about the iphone being too locked down and that you can’t customize anything unless you jailbreak it. Which is true in a way, not so much recently with all the updates and added features that have come to ios over the years. My problem is that people say “oh unless you jailbreak it, it’s no good”, well when you root your android phone you’re doing the exact same thing! Jailbreaking is gaining root access! And any android user knows you can’t do anything unless you root it.

But it doesn’t end there, not only do we all do the same thing to get the most out of our devices but jailbreaking an ios device has always been infinitely easier than rooting an android phone, at one point just by visiting a website you could get your iphone jailbroken!

But also the ios scene feels so far ahead of android, just through examples like cydia and installous, central ways to find everything you can add to your jailbroken device, whereas on android you have to crawl google for tutorials or discover websites and visit them repeatedly to find out what’s new.

I just think it’s great how not only is ios the easier and slicker os, but so is there entire hacking scene!

Sorry but this has been quite a ramble but I’m on the train and felt like putting something out.

P.S. This was typed entirely on my phone so pardon the mistakes.

Update: I didn’t mention that I hadn’t rooted sooner because htc had promised that the latest version of android 2.3 gingerbread was coming to the desire by July so I thought it best to wait and have a more stable device. Today though, htc announced that they had scrapped plans to bring the update citing the device not having enough memory for the latest version. Just goes to show again the “benefits” of being open…

Update 2: Well htc went back on themselves and apparently will release gingerbread for the desire, who knows when, if ever.

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